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Hey so 
Commissions are open I guess 

Probably not gonna get too many of these, but if I feel i'm getting overwhelmed, i'll close them 

I can do cats (feral) and human busts (not very well, i'm afraid) 
All Digital art. 

3-Gray Points 
Human Busts
Girl by Legally-Vic
5- Yellow Points 
Cat headshot- Simple or Transparent Background 
Winterscout by Legally-Vic Gray Wing by Legally-Vic

10- Points 
Sloth by Legally-Vic My First Drawing- Redraw by Legally-Vic  Northern by Legally-Vic
Cat fullbody, simple or no background 
15- Joker Points 
Victorykit Redraw by Legally-Vic
Cat fullbody with detailed background

Comment with a ref if you want one (I can work off photos, digital art, and traditional art) and drop the points off in my donation box. 

Two more days until I get my drawing tablet! c: 
Think i’ll open commissions a little bit afterward. 
Stay tuned.